Jim Wheatley
Presiding Commissioner

Alvin O. Griffin
Northern Commissioner

Larry Hacker
Southern Commissioner 


Welcome to the Bates County, Missouri Commission page.  We hope the following provides a good:
overview of the functions and efforts of the Commission.


Duties and responsibilities:
County-owned properties: Courthouse, Jail, Road & Bridge Barn, Emergency Management Building
Bridge/culvert repair or replacement:  The county Bates & Bridge crews maintain any culverts or bridges
crossing county roadways.
Roads:  Bates County is still a Township form of County government.   Each Township is responsible for grading,
applying gravel, and maintaining their Township's roads.  The County determines if/when a road is opening or closed,
using a prescribed statute process.
County tax levies.
Board of Equalization.
County budget review.

Responsibilities of the Commission:
According to the Constitution of the State of Missouri, "there shall be elected a county court (county commission) of three
members which shall manage the county business as prescribed by law, and keep an accurate record of its proceedings."
The Commission has duties in setting tax levies, appropriating county funds, appoint board members and trustees of special services, accounting for county property, maintaining county bridges, and performing miscellaneous duties not handled by other county officials.  Bates County had a $7.8 million budget for 2015. 

The Commission does not have authority over all elected officials and their departments, only budgetary review.  The Commission also does not control overall road maintenance throughout the county, the Township Board of Trustees within each Township, control their operations and money used for maintenance. 

How to meet with the Commission:
The Bates County Commission is in regular session on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Scheduled appointments with the Commission are advised and can be made through the County Clerk by calling 660-679-3371.  Walk-ins and call requests are scheduled around previously arranged appointments.  The Commission office is located on the main (second) floor of the Bates County Courthouse inside the County Clerk's office. 


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Click the link below to find all information about all bids out for any projects the County Commissioners have open and to see pictures of any of the projects currently in the works.                                                  

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